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Clothes rack - Cheap clothes racks for shops, exhibitions and fairs.

Clothes rack ✅✅✅ - The best tøjstands forå wheels, inside clothes racks, and outside clothes racks. If you need a clothes rack, you have come to the right place. We have cheap clothes racks for sale with and without wheels in all kinds of designs, for shops, fairs and furnishing your shop both inside and out, on the square, på the pavement, på the fair and på the market. We also have clothes racks for the canteen or for your walk-in closet. See the many offers and find just the right clothes rack at since here - this of course applies to everyone who needs a clothes rack: businesses, associations, institutions and private individuals. If you need other store fixtures such as mannequins, price tags or clothes, we also have them. that. See also our Best in Test Guide to the 5 best clothes racks.

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Cheap Clothes Rack

See our guide: Find the best transportable clothes racks.

A clothes rack is the best clothes seller in your store

A direct product display at eye level is very sales-promoting, so a clothes rack with wheels positioned correctly is the world's best clothes seller. Clothing racks for shops must generally not be above eye level, i.e. max 160 cm.

Water pipe clothes rack

On the pages here at you will find cheap water pipe clothes racks, but you will also find many modern clothes racks on wheels or without wheels, made in chrome, satin chrome, water pipes, black water pipes, steel, brushed steel, aluminum and clothes racks in various finishes and surfaces.

We have the usual clothes racks with 2 vertical bars and a crossbar, we have clothes racks with and without wheel. There is plenty to choose from, there are both the really strong and the cheap clothes racks.

Clothes rack on wheels

If you need to use clothes racks on wheels, you have also come to the right place. We are one of Denmark's largest suppliers of clothes racks on wheels for shops, fairs and the like. If you often move your clothes racks around, it can be a really good idea to buy one of them with wheels. Partly, you don't have to constantly take the clothes down from racks every time they have to be moved, so it's not so heavy, and it can be moved by a single person/employee in a very short time.

Very many of our store customers, always choose to buy the clothes racks with wheels, as it is often the easiest way to move around the displays inside the stores. If you have a shop where you have to get the clothes racks out in the morning and in at night, it is also clearly the smartest thing to choose clothes racks on wheels, as you can then handle loading/unloading in a few minutes.

Clothes rack - Twice as good

Then we have the clothes racks where there are two crossbars, a so-called double rack, where the crossbars are placed either next to each other or above each other, so you can have 2 rows of clothes hung on same clothes rack and thus optimize your shop space and display twice as much clothes in the store on just one clothes rack. Double clothes racks are also good for the theater wardrobe and in the sports hall. If you manage a party room where there is a changing need for clothes racks, a few handfuls of double clothes racks on wheels can be a really good solution.

Clothes racks

Clothes racks and sales racks are good for generating additional sales and impulse sales. The direct exposure of your goods at eye level is extremely promotional. For the beautiful clothes racks, you can choose whether the clothes should be hung on wooden hangers, metal hangers or plastic hangers, we have them all.

If you have clothes racks or clothes racks that are moved around a lot, i.e. the nice models with wheels, it is very it is important to ensure that all wheels are fastened, as a loose wheel sends a very bad signal to the customer and can very quickly cause the thread to be destroyed and the clothes rack to be scrapped or for back shop use, if one is available.< /p>

Cheap clothes racks only sells professional shop furniture that must be able to withstand the must or hard use in a busy store, kiosk or shop, so you can count on the cheap clothes racks , we supply, can last for many years. So in the relationship between price, quality and durability, you will get a long way with a clothes rack from at a really good price.