Wooden gondolas

Here you will find gondolas and display stands for super mobile furnishing of your store. Choose a gondola with wheels and you can place it exactly where you need it to sell your goods as best as possible. Choose a grooved panel gondola and enjoy the wide range of accessories. At ManneQ you can get panels in the same color as the gondolas, the same applies to a shop counter and clothes hangers

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A little about gondolas, product gondolas, panel display stands

Here you will find a number of practical shop gondolas or sales gondolas in several different sizes and colors.

With large or small gondolas, you take advantage shop space optimally.

Our gondolas on the site here are all in groove panel or slat-wall, as it is also called.

This means that you can equip your gondola with a lot different shelves, spears, wave hangers etc., etc., you decide perfectly how your gondolas should be equipped with which goods and how.

We have a number of different gondola designs named after letters, e.g. is an H gondola shaped like the letter H when viewed from above, a cross gondola is shaped like a cross viewed from above, the 3-sided or 3-sided gondolas have 3 sides, the 4-sided have very little surprisingly 4 sides where goods can be displayed forward.

Our gondolas are generally delivered with wheels, so that the sales gondolas can be rolled out of the store or to the square where they must be at opening hours.

The gondolas are stock items, but can be certain gondola models may require a short delivery time. The gondolas you buy from us are of course delivered assembled ready for immediate use.