Glass cases

Glass cases and glass display cases

Also called glass display cases. showcase cabinets, floor showcases, table showcases, glass counters, glass cabinets, counters with showcase top, wall showcases, wall display cases etc.

Present your goods in beautiful glass display cases in your business, find your new display case here. Here you will find a large selection of glass display cases with and without light, with and without lock, with and without wheels, in short all kinds. We also supply lots of cheap collect-your-own glass cases. You can also choose from many of the glass showcases, which are delivered assembled, ready to use immediately. The choice is yours, whether the glass case is for business or private use.

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Glass display cases for shops

In order to make a wide range of - often expensive - products attractive to your customers, it is important that they are well presented, "delicious and tempting" and of course also effectively anti-theft. They must of course be displayed in a locked glass case

It can also be about exhibiting or storing one's dear possessions, the collection or other things in a theft-proof way. Here, our cheap glass showcases might be the solution.

Glass display cases with lock

By choosing a glass display case with lock for your store, you achieve a number of advantages in one fell swoop, in an overall buy

Glass display cases are incredibly useful if you need to display valuable products in your business, such as jewellery, watches, coins, etc. since the product is presented exclusively and fully visible, but behind lock and key. They are also displayed under or behind shatterproof and tempered glass doors!

All our glass showcases are supplied with tempered glass plates and tempered glass shelves, which - should they be broken - break into a million pieces, just like a car window. This means there are no shards of glass to cut yourself on. If a person were to be unlucky enough to fall into the cupboard headfirst, it is nice to know that one's shop or home is completely safe and safe to walk in.

Of course, you must also protect yourself against , that people with long fingers cannot get hold of the displayed goods. Choose here a glass display case with locked glass doors, buy extra locks to fit on the sliding doors and - to be completely safe - you can also choose to fit a small alarm, which we can also supply, see if possible. our Product Protection

Glass showcases & glass showcases for display

By using a glass showcase to present your products, you can showcase them in a more attractive way than if they just sit on a shelf , On a table. At the same time, the fact that they are locked up is a signal of high value, of exclusivity.

Which glass display case should you choose?

We carry a number of different glass display cases, so if you are looking after a floor display case, table display case, glass display case or wall display case for a special purpose, you will find it here.

Many of our glass display cases are supplied with wheels, light and lock. If the display case can be moved around the business premises, then a glass display case with wheels might be the right thing to do. Perhaps a table display can be it; it must then simply be carried where it does best. Glass display cases to hang on a wall or wall display cases are a really good idea for a sports association, a chess club, a company canteen, where you want to display the many fine trophies and prizes.

Glass display cases for exhibition


However, glass showcases for the exhibition allow you to show off your jewellery, in a safe but exclusive way, without the customers getting too close without you knowing. Yes, even the hobby enthusiast can enjoy the collection of cars, dolls, matchboxes or whatever it may be, without having to find them - and without having to constantly wipe them down!

Glass display cases & Glass showcases with light

Lights, placed at the top of a glass display case, create even more focus around the displayed goods. That is why you can also find many glass display cases with built-in light with us.

We will not fail to say that a number of museums buy our display cases. It is slightly different what the different museums or collections choose, but the combination of a glass display case with light lock, with light, on wheels and with glass all around - on top of that tempered glass - means that many choose our glass display cases with light for good reason.

Delivery and assembly of glass display cases

Normally, we deliver glass cases / showcase cabinets with a day's notice, as we stock most of our models and can therefore ship them the same or the next day. Some of our display cases are delivered unassembled, while others are delivered fully assembled, ready to be unpacked and put lights on and things inside.

We send the large, heavy items on a pallet delivered with a carrier, so you have to just make sure there is someone to receive between 9am and 4pm on the day the ordered display case arrives. You might say that it takes more than 'your man' to put together a glass cabinet, and that's sort of correct. At least it will be a big advantage if you are two 'man' (M/K) to assemble the first glass case. After that, it will be easier next time.

Once your glass display case has been received

We offer a 2-year guarantee on all our display cases, including our very cheap glass display cases. If you have any questions, our phones are open every weekday between 10.00 and 16.00. Our mail is open 24/7, and so is our webshop.

Then it's up to you to find your new glass display case

Look around the pages, and then you can relax and may choose which kind of glass display case you need, private or for business

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