Market carts

Market carts

Here you can find elegant and rustic market carts that can present your goods both outside and inside

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More about market cart, a nice and petite model and a market cart a la wheelbarrow

We have two models, that's one or two more than many other websites, it's not flashy, but hopefully enough for that one of them is to your taste.

The cheap shopping cart has been a solid success from the start, when we first presented it on, it is a cheap shopping cart, it is a robust market cart and then it has a blackboard, a blackboard that can be written on. It is made from used Euro pallets. It rolls without problems over longer distances without us recommending it as a "banana cart".

Like the model below, it is perfect in a large hall, in hotels, inns, holiday centers to display all kinds of things, wine, books, glass, ceramics, almost anything

The other market cart we can offer is characterized by being more decorative, more delicate in its expression, but has a lot of options for accessories, for example a effort for product display, a roof. It is not suitable for moving over long distances, is more intended for stationary use.