Brochure stands

Brochure stands

Here you can order a brochure stand, a brochure holder or a card holder for displaying small and large brochures, maps, books and anything else that can lie or stand on an angle.

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You cannot always be present over the entire store all the time. So that the customers can get some information about your products themselves, a brochure holder can be the solution.

Place or hang a brochure holder next to the products, so that the customers can study the attractive brochures in peace.

Brochure stands can of course be used in many other contexts. Also in other places than in a business. A brochure holder can just as naturally be in several different designs and sizes, depending on what you have to present. Finally, it can be printed material of all sizes and thicknesses, which you can present with a suitable holder.

At fairs, at the tourist office, at the museum - all places where you have printed material that you want to sell or handing out to customers, here a brochure holder or a postcard holder can be an easy and elegant solution.

At you can choose from many different models. Find the brochure holder that meets your wishes and needs.

If you need to use a single postcard stand on the counter, the hotel has 4-5 newspapers for free use by the guests, the customers should easily get an overview of the accessories and their price car on display, customers must be able to freely browse and browse through many periodicals or magazines...

The possibilities are endless, but we are sure that in any case you can find a brochure holder that suits your needs. can therefore offer small and large brochure holders and card holders. Both for hanging on the wall and for placing where they do best in the shop or room. We can supply postcard carousels to place on the counter and for the floor. We can supply newspaper holders to hang on the wall.

And we can supply brochure holders in all variants, from the simple "music stand" that can display 1 A4 poster or brochure, to large, stationary brochure stands , which can hold 20-30 magazines or brochures.

Look at the selection and order your next brochure holders here - we usually deliver all brochure holders from day to day.