Here you will find the best shop fittings. Choose from all kinds of clothes hangers in wood, metal or plastic. We also have a large selection of collection bags and suit bags as well as everything in clothes racks for indoor and outdoor use. You will find rain caps for ready-to-wear racks and clothes racks as well as a fine selection of professional clothes steamers and hand-held clothes steamers. In short, a large and varied selection of high-quality but cheap shop furniture for almost all kinds of shops, almost all with same-day delivery.

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Denmark's coolest shop furniture for clothing stores

On these pages you can see our large selection of shop furniture that is used for storing clothes, transporting and caring for clothes, not only for clothes shops but for everyone who needs to store and care for clothes. Choose from our many hangers for clothes, collection bags for clothes, suit bags for clothes, clothes racks, garment racks for clothes, clothes steamers, clothes steamers and rain caps and much more.

All kinds of clothes hangers stocks a wide range of hangers for clothes made of wood in its store furniture program. The hangers can be in wood colour, in glossy white or glossy black, but we also have hangers for clothes in high-gloss black or high-gloss white. Our clothes hangers are available in many variants, with and without a notch, with and without a rod, with and without rubber on the arms and finally as trouser hangers or hangers with clips.

Of course, you can also find all kinds of special hangers, for example for shoes, for scarves and much more. In addition, we stock everything in hanger brands, e.g. S for small, M for medium, L for large or exact sizes, 36, 38 etc., so that you can label your collection in any way.

Clothes racks are also store fixtures

Our selection of clothes racks, which are suitable for storing clothes in clothes shops, but which can also be used excellently by private individuals and anyone else who has a lot of clothes, is very large. Here you can find all kinds of clothes racks, ready-to-wear racks, double clothes racks, roundels, clothes carousels, clothes racks with arms, bag racks, as well as rain caps for clothes racks so that they can stand outside in the Danish weather.

We would also like to mention some of our best-selling travel racks, i.e. clothes racks that can be fully or partially folded when not in use and therefore do not take up unnecessary space. Such a travel rack can be thrown into the back of a Fiat 500, so you can set off to the market, set it up in a jiffy and just as quickly pack it up again. Travel racks can also be used for storing clothes for a shorter period of time, or where there is little space, in theater wardrobes etc.

For transporting and storing clothes

In our large range of store furniture for storage of clothing, you will also find collection bags in several qualities and collection bags with a drawstring closure or with a suitcase closure. Choose between suit bags for individual dresses or jackets and coats and the large, solid collection bags, where you can store many more pieces of clothing on a hanger.

Now the steam is rising!

One of our bestsellers both in second-hand and clothing stores and at private individuals are the clothes steamers, the streamers. If you need one or more hand steamers, a professional steamer on wheels, possibly with a hanger bar where you can hang the clothes during the treatment, we can supply steamers in all qualities and price ranges - and we do it from day to day. With long-term storage of clothes, the clothes may well lose a little of their shine, but a short trip under the steam jet, then the clothes are fine and beautiful again. All steamers must be descaled, even those with a heating element, on which the scale cannot stick, then the scale is formed anyway by heating the water and eventually the formed scale fills up the entire steam room and the steamer stops working, so descale, remove the scale from the steamer at least once a month, preferably twice and this applies to all steamers. White vinegar is a good and cheap descaling agent. . You can choose between safety pins in the size from the very mini or very small of 19 mm long, 23 mm long 27 mm long up to 57 mm long in different colors and qualities. All our needles are delivered in the colors steel-silver, in the color brass-gold and finally in the color lacquered steel.