Bag machine

You should then be able to make your own, unique gift wrapping! You can do that with this bag machine and the beautiful, colored foil rolls that you order on this page. Order today and make your own sealed cellophane bags tomorrow.
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Make unique packaging with a bag machine

On this page you can order a quite unique tool, namely a bag machine that can make mega-nice packaging for your goods in no time.

< p>You choose one or more rolls of cellophane in attractive colours, put a roll in the machine and with a few quick moves you have wrapped the item in a way that lacks comparison.

It is easy and your customers will appreciate the elegant and exclusive look that your packaging gets in this way.

Watch the video

When you look at the page with the bag machine itself, you can start a small video , which shows how easily and quickly different types of packaging can be done with both small and large goods.

Give yourself and your store the opportunity to stand out positively with this unique way of wrapping your goods on!