Here you will find everything in product marking and price marking. In the category "Marking through product" you will find everything within textile guns and plastic cords (also called tag pins). Of course, we also have associated hang tags and cardboard signs. Many kinds of brands for e.g. price tagging of clothes, shoes, bags and everything else

In our category "Marking around product" there are all kinds of loops, both in plastic and with twine etc.

In "Marking on product", we have all types of price guns and price labels for price guns - and are you looking for e.g. size tags and mini tags, you will find everything for hanger marking in our category: "Marking on hanger".

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Under Marking here you will find several different submenus, where you can find everything about labeling through a product, e.g. a piece of clothing, Labeling around a product, e.g. a pair of shoes, a bag, labeling on a product, a vase, a piece of furniture and the like. You will also find everything in Brands for waves, e.g. size brands, small, medium, large, 36.38 54.58 etc here. Stickers with discount percentages, 10%, 20%, 70% discount at checkout, stickers with discount amounts on, e.g. DKK 100 discount, DKK 200 discount and more.Stickers with price on, DKK 10, DKK 25.00 DKK 100, of course also etc.