Vegetable racks & fruit racks

Vegetable stands & Fruit stands

Here you will find fruit stands and vegetable carts on wheels. If the stand you have your eye on doesn't even have wheels, you can order it extra.

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Do you call a vegetable stand a "green wagon"?

Well, you're allowed to :-) Dear child, there are many names, and it can be quite irrelevant whether you call these stands for fruit and vegetable stands or fruit and vegetable carts. The general thing about these stands is that they are fitted with wheels, so you can drive them around and set them up both indoors and outdoors.

Our range of fruit stands starts with narrow vegetable stands or fruit stands for presenting fruit and green on two floors and it has solid wheels so it can be rolled out in the morning with a full load of fruit boxes and loose goods and rolled in from the street or pavement in the evening. Although it is narrow, it holds a lot, as there are two floors on which fruit boxes or goods can be placed. The width is 61 centimetres, so it can get in and out of a narrow door, which many shops and kiosks even really appreciate.

The next green cart is the same model, but you can get it for a few kroner more in double width, namely a whopping 121 centimeters and here the vegetable cart is also in two adjustable levels and angles.

The next offer for a fruit and vegetable stand is our market table in aluminium, which measures 120X120 centimetres. It is a collapsible light train delivered without wheels - wheels can be purchased additionally. Can easily withstand being outside all year round.

A fruit and vegetable stand, we sell a part of it, this certainly also applies to our vegetable trolley with a full 3 floors and on wheels. A vegetable rack you will often see in stores that deal in slightly larger items, which this particular rack can also accommodate. As mentioned, the green trolley has three floors or three inclined wire shelves, all with stops, so that fruit boxes and other things do not fall off the shelves.

You will find basket racks for presenting fruit, vegetables, bread and other things below. We have many different models of fruit baskets, vegetable baskets, bread baskets, basket stands, which can be filled with all kinds of good things and cases. We are capable of delivering new baskets if one or more baskets are stolen or destroyed in some way and can no longer be used.

Finally, we can present a range of stands which are intended for displaying cut flowers and similar, in that the basket, the wicker basket, has now been replaced by a bucket, a zinc bucket that does not rust and can withstand standing with water. The flower stands can be ordered with three buckets, with six buckets and finally with 12 buckets, fixed or on wheels, so they can be rolled back and forth. As is the case with the wicker baskets, where we can supply new new baskets for the fruit or vegetable stands, we can also supply new or more zinc buckets here