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Wire baskets, Brochure stands, Fruit and vegetable stands, Sales baskets, Market carts, Rain caps, etc.

Are you looking for some additional shop equipment, such as sales stands, sales baskets or wire baskets for displaying your goods outside and inside , you have come to the right place. In these categories you can choose from all kinds of stands and sales baskets for presenting brochures, fruit and vegetables, clothes and soft goods. If the wire baskets or sales baskets are to be left outside, you can also order rain caps for them.

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Wire baskets, brochure stands and goods baskets with and without wheels

Brochure holders in all sizes

A brochure stand can be a gold-edged piece of shop furniture. If you have the brochures for the goods or services you want to sell, then a nice brochure stand can help to promote and complete the sale. In addition, we have a number of different inviting brochure stands for sale, and we are sure that we also have the brochure holder that suits you and your business.

Should it be the elegant and airy "note stand ", that can display a large, printed catalog? Should it be one of the brochure racks you put up on the wall, perhaps to hold the hotel's supply of free newspapers? Should there be wheels on the brochure stand so that it can be moved back and forth? Should the brochure holder be able to be folded up and taken to fairs, markets and the like? We have a lot to offer, so you can find just YOUR brochure stand here in the large selection at ManneQ.com

Postcard holders for cards and smaller brochures

Do you want to sell postcards, you can also find both smaller and larger postcard holders on these pages. We have postcard holders both for placing on the floor and on the table or counter. The postcard carousel, which can hold a lot of postcards, is probably the most popular, but that shouldn't hold you back from liking the large floor fashion better, which especially tourist agencies and shops in tourist areas are also happy with!

Wire baskets and goods baskets

If you sell smaller goods, knitwear, clothes, shoes, electronics, cables or the like, and you need one or more goods baskets or wire baskets to entice customers to buy, we have wire baskets for both indoor and outdoor use. If the goods basket must also be left outside, you must choose between the baskets which are galvanized. (You can also choose a cheaper shopping basket and then throw it away in 4-8 years, depending on wear and tear and rust on the basket. You and your wallet decide that!)

The wire baskets in The Nancy series with white nylon coating, which is provided with an adjustable base, is also a suitable and inexpensive basket for displaying goods indoors and outdoors. As a basket, it is ideal for a wide range of items. The Nancy basket is light and handy to carry in and out and easy to fill up. The Nancy series is cheap shop furniture, but certainly a really good buy.

Even if the wire baskets can be left out in the Danish weather, it is not certain that the goods in the basket will survive the rain. In addition, we supply various raincoats or rain caps for the various baskets

Our white stacking basket complete with 4 baskets and 1 top basket is a piece of shop furniture that can be used outdoors, but is best suited for shop decoration indoors, but not for much heavy goods. As it is not suitable for outdoor use, we do not carry rain covers for it.

Sales stands with wicker baskets - and buckets!

ManneQ.com also supplies sales stands consisting of a metal frame with brackets and associated wicker basket. The wicker baskets can be round or elongated and rectangular. Here you can, for example, display bread, knitwear, pacifiers and much more. You can quickly see if the baskets are about to be empty and watch to get them filled again.

The sales racks in this family, which hold 2 to 12 zinc buckets, are mostly intended for flowers, so all florists need not look looking for the most beautiful way to present your flowers!

Another basket stand, which we supply with either a black or white frame and which holds 4 large round wicker baskets, is very suitable for the display and sale of any kind of smaller product: sweets, toys, accessories, bread, vegetables, yes there is almost a free choice of options. We have sold the basket stand to a large number of ice cream shops. The name is Paradis ice and they sell candies, chocolates, chips and other goodies from them. The basket rack is supplied with stationary shoes, but a set of easy-rolling, solid wheels can be purchased as an extra, so that it can be driven in and out as desired, a really good impulse seller for a great many different products. See the black model the next time you buy an ice cream at Paradis Is!

Sales stands primarily for outdoor use

ManneQ.eu is of course also capable of delivering street stands in the form of outdoor stands with wheels designed for especially for displaying fruit and vegetables. We have narrow fruit stands that can be entered through ordinary doors, and we have models with product presentation on both two and three floors.

Who said market cart? We actually have two market carts, one is fortunately/unfortunately often sold out, the other is usually in stock - and highly praised by those who buy it.

From here we can only say: we also have the brochure holder, postcard holder, wire basket or the outdoor fruit and vegetable stand that fits your store perfectly.

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