Poster hanger

Poster hanger

Poster hanger with aluminum strips is an easy, flexible and price-conscious solution for hanging sales material, price tags, sale signs, posters etc. The poster hangers are also called poster hangers, poster hangers, aluminum hanging strips etc. In short, they are aluminum strips for hanging posters and signs in numerous sizes.

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Poster hangers in numerous sizes and widths

Of course, here you can find poster hangers A4, poster hangers A3, poster hangers A2, poster hangers A1, poster hangers A0 and hangers for posters in the sizes 50 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm - right up to suspension in a width of 120 cm. The aluminum suspension strips themselves are also available in many widths, e.g. 20 mm width aluminum strip, 25 mm etc. - and you can get both single-sided poster hangers for hanging on the wall and double-sided poster hangers for hanging in the shop window or ceiling. Last but not least, we also carry poster hangers as wall rail with roll, where the paper is easily pushed in and out of the roll "on the fly".