Shop furniture

Welcome to a large selection of shop furniture for your shop, your business. We carry a wide selection of showcases, glass cabinets, shop mirrors, sales tables, display tables, goods gondolas, shelving, steel shelving, Tubo shelving, wooden shelving, shop counters, baskets, steamers, steamers,  air cleaners and stocking feet, the original elephant foot, gender numbers, queuing systems and many others , small and large good and solid shop furniture and other accessories. Use the search function at the top of the page if you're looking for any specific store fixtures!

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Shop furniture for the perfect shop interior

To mention all things would be too comprehensive, but a selection could be as follows:

  • glass cabinets and showcases
  • sales tables
  • rolling and fixed display tables
  • shop counters
  • clinic counters
  • wire baskets
  • brochure holders
  • vegetable racks
  • Do-it-yourself shelves
  • wooden shelves
  • queue system
  • queue numbers
  • jewelry racks
  • < li>jewelry displays
  • hat heads
  • stocking legs
  • etc etc etc

Here we do not mention clothes racks, hangers or all kinds of accessories, because you will find these under the menu item Storage of clothes, just as you will find everything about mannequins and gins to present clothes in the best way under the menu item Mannequins, Giners, Syginers. Shop furniture for the perfect shop interior.

Glass cabinets or glass showcases should be used for the more exclusive goods and they must of course be locked and preferably with light, which gives your shop different lighting, a basic element or a cornerstone in a shop interior that sells well.

A good atmosphere leads to good sales

The right shop furniture and a good shop interior are of great importance for sales, in addition to being nice and efficient for you and the staff.

It must be easy for the customer to get around the store, and there must be a welcoming atmosphere. At the same time, it is crucial that your goods are displayed in the best way, so that customers can easily see everything you have to offer and so that the goods look their best.

Shelves, tables, display cabinets, sales baskets, etc. must match and be coordinated with your product range. It may be that you need to use special racks, baskets, hangers to display special product groups, and then the shop furniture must be adapted to that.

On these pages you can also find products that are also aimed at staff , for example, air purifiers that provide a clean and oxygen-rich atmosphere and queuing systems that make customers stay where it is most expedient. if your business uses gender numbers.

With the right shop furniture, you can create a shop interior that meets all these requirements and can thus help to increase your sales.

Please contact us - best by email or on tel. 70 236 136, if you are in doubt about which shop furniture is best suited to your particular shop interior.

Otherwise, you are more than welcome to browse these pages yourself and find the perfect shop furniture, which makes the interior of your shop or business complete and optimal.