Tailor's busts

Adjustable sygins or tailored gines for both ladies, men and children

adjustable gine, also called a sygine or tailored gine here. We have everything in sygins, both in women's, men's and children's models. Our sygins are produced in England, are of course needle-fastened and can be adjusted in neck, bust, waist/waist and hip as well as body length. Our adjustable tailored gimmicks are usually in stock, ready for delivery, so you (or your better half) will quickly be Ready-Ready-Sew-Ready! And remember: A sygine is a gift for life!

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adjustable gins

We would like to tell you a little more about our adjustable gins for sewing women's, men's and children's clothes, because we want you - or the person you want to please with a sygine - getting Ready-ready-sew-ready. But before then you should know that

We sell to everyone - both private individuals, companies and institutions

Everyone can order a sygine from us. You choose your sygine - or find the world's best birthday gift for your better half - on these pages, and then you just have to make sure that there is someone to receive the package the following weekday, when the delivery driver arrives between 9 and 16. You can also tell us where the parcel may be placed if no one is at home. You can do this easily in the comments field when ordering. Finally, you can excellently have the sygin delivered to your workplace by specifying a different delivery address.

Selection in sygins

We are proud to be able to present a large number of different models within tailor-made gins and sygins .

First of all: If you need to sew women's clothing, we have several super-cool models to choose from. For all of them, it is important that the quality is top notch. It is only the functions and appearance of the sygins that make the difference. And the sizes, of course.

If you also want to sew trousers, we also have models that can be adjusted for just that kind of work with a single movement of the support bar.

Sew jeans in 2x2 models

We start with 2 versions of the most simple type of tailoring, which has simply been named "Sew". The cheapest version is called Sew Simple, and it comes in two different sizes, so you just need to make sure the measurements match before you order one or the other model.

The Sew Simple sygin has a short body. , it can be adjusted in bust, waist and hip, and it is good for the novice and semi-professional sewist. The gin is mounted on a stand with 3 legs without wheels.

You can also choose the professional Sew de Luxe, which is also available in two models/sizes. Sew de Luxe is mounted on a stand with 5 wheels with a brake, so you can easily move it around and lock the wheels so that the gin can stand stable when you work with it. The body of the gin is longer than on the Sew Simple and has more adjustment points that you can adjust.

Our all-round Diana

Our bestseller is the tailor gin Diana. Diana can be supplied in three standard sizes from small to large: A, B, C, as well as in a D model, which you can use if you need to sew for very large girls.

The Diana models have 4 adjustment screws in the hip, in the waist and in the bust plus they can be adjusted in the body length and in the neck.

Diana A, B and C models are usually in stock, so you don't have to wait more than 1-2 days to start sewing. Diana D is a made-to-order product, so it may take 2-3 weeks before you receive your gine.

Bukseginen Beth

The Beth gine models are characterized by being adjustable in body length, but also by the fact that the rod can be moved so that it goes up into one 'leg'. In this way, the Beth sygins are particularly suitable for sewing jeans, slacks and trousers for ladies and girls.

Of course, the Beth sygins can be used to sew other than trousers, but it is because of this special function , that we most often refer to Beth as the "pants genie".

Luxury lady Lady de Val

Within the adjustable jeans, the Lady de Val model is pure luxury. A tailor-made gine on an elegant wooden stand with 3 legs in mahogany look.

It can do it all and we are not shy to say that Lady de Val is as beautiful as a piece of furniture, you with pride can be left standing!

Like the other models, Lady de Val is also available in 2 sizes, so choose your luxury gine based on the measurements you most need to sew for.

One buy you won't regret.

Sygins for men's and children's clothing

Of course, we have not forgotten that clothing for men and children must also be sewn. For men's clothing, our program of adjustable gis also includes a men's sygine with a chest measurement of 94-114 cm. We call him Peter

Finally, we also deliver a UNISEX children's sewing machine with hip measurements 66-81 cm, height adjustable of course, so you can also sew clothes for the cute little ones.


All our adjustable gins are delivered, if you order before midday we can usually send your sygine for you to receive the next day. If you are a private person and it is not possible for you to be at home the next day from 9 to 16 - or you do not want to reveal the beautiful gift to your chosen one ahead of time :-) - you can either indicate your workplace as the delivery address or write, where the carrier must leave the package, e.g. in the garage, carport or with a neighbour.

Guidelines and advice

If you have questions or are in doubt about which adjustable gine you want feel the best, don't hesitate to call us on 70 236 136. We are available every weekday between 9 and 16 and we will do what we can to guide you to the right sygine choice, regardless of whether you need to use it yourself to sew clothes or you want to please your mother, your wife or your daughter - or the equivalent men's editions :-) - with a gift for life.