Metal hangers

Metal bars in several thicknesses for shops, dry cleaners, private and exhibitions

Metal bars ✅✅✅ - Here you will find metal hoops for clothes, including knitting hoops or knitting hoops, i.e. metal hoops with rubber coating, saw knitted clothes do not slip off the hoop, as well as metal hoops without bar, with bar and finally knitting bar with bar and with clamps. You will of course also find the thin cleaning clothes hangers and other light metal hangers. Do you miss a hanger stand, so we have several to choose from, do you miss shipping bags, or a toe steamer, sell; do you find this onå site

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More about metal hangers for clothes, including dry cleaners hangers, aluminum hangers and knitting hangers

All our metal hangers for clothes are intended for hard and professional use, i.e. for clothes shops, wardrobes, theaters and other places where the hanger used up to several times a day.

You can shop with us as a private customer, we are not "nice" but we only sell whole boxes and that means that there are 50 metal hangers in a box, 100 in other boxes and 500 pieces in a box with cleaning hangers, so you get a lot of cheap metal hangers for a few kroner. This is also where we present boot clips in shiny chrome or satin chrome, a nice matt finish either as single boot clips or double boot clips in chrome or satin chrome.

We start with the classic cheap metal hangers for knitting or knitwear , these metal hangers are characterized by being round and they are to have as large a surface as possible to hold the knitwear so that it does not fall off. The whole hanger is coated with either white rubber surface or black rubber surface, a pretty nice surface to touch. The hanger hook is fixed on most of our knitting hangers, so the hanger always sits straight or straight on a hanger rod, add to that that it is actually stronger than it looks, so a number of discotheques and other places with space for many thousands of jackets choose this hanger because that it takes up little space, sits straight and is strong and nice to hold in the hand.