Plastic hangers

Plastic hoses - molded plastic hoses, plastic hoses with rod, plastic hose clamps, etc.

Plastic hoses ✅✅✅ - Here you can see all the plastic hoops for adult and children's clothes that we can supply. See the many types of braces in adult size produced in plastic, from the very cheap to super-quality. Should you use plastic hangers without a rod, plastic hangers with a rod or plastic hangers with a rod and clamps - or just with clamps, etc. you will find them here. All our hangers fit our clothes racks and our steel racks with hanger bar, as well as our well-mounted hangers and water pipes.

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Choose between plastic hangers with and without a pole, several of them with trouser clips.

Here you will find all types of plastic hangers, plastic hangers with and without bar, e.g.

  • blouse hangers
  • shirt hangers
  • lingerie hangers
  • jacket hangers
  • blouse hangers< /li>
  • plastic hangers without pole but with notch for strap

The plastic hangers are delivered in white and black or as frosted.

We have the mega-cheap ones plastic hangers for under a krone ex VAT per piece for the strong molded plastic hangers with room for logo.

Plastic hangers are delivered in boxes from 25 pieces to 400 pieces depending on the hanger price and quality.

Our plastic hangers are usually in stock and can delivered from day to day.