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Female mannequins with abstract facial features

A female mannequin with beautiful abstract facial features and attitude

A mannequin series with beautiful abstract facial features

Buy your luxury mannequin at ManneQ.eu

ManneQ.eu are specialists in mannequins. We have a very large selection in different types and are sure that with us, you can find the right mannequin for your store or where you stand and need something to show clothes or other clothing.

We supply mannequins to the clothing store, to the clothing chains, to car dealers, to museums, to private individuals, to galleries, in short to everyone.
The right mannequin doll

There are many different types of mannequins. It can be a mannequin with or without a head, with or without facial features. The individual mannequin can be completely natural with make-up and wig, and the body skin-colored or mulatto brown. It can be with sculpted hair, it can be painted in a high gloss in all sorts of colours. It can be sports figures, i.e. swimmers, gymnastic girls or boys, it can be skiers, it can be ball players, golfers, racing drivers, horse riders, or try to see our special yoga mannequins. Our selection is large, very large, so go hunting in our webshop and find your next mannequin here.

Your mannequins in the shop window and in the shop are, together with you, the most important sellers in the shop.

If you need, for example, a mannequin without a head, male, female or teen/child, one with a removable head, with sculpted hair, one completely bald, perhaps a naturalistic mannequin with one or more different wigs, well then you will definitely find it at www.ManneQ.eu.
Select color

ManneQ.eu can also supply glossy or high-gloss mannequin models in all imaginable shapes and colors. When a mannequin is to be painted, it is important that it has time to harden so that the varnish or surface becomes as strong and robust as possible. Therefore, order well in advance!

If you order a mannequin in a special colour, it will typically take 2-5 days before we can deliver, as we paint the whole thing 2 times to ensure the best quality, so it will last for many, many years to come. Even in a south-facing window with lots of sun every day, the color will not fade or fade only minimally over the years as it poses and draws customers to your store

All of our mannequins are supplied with or include a foot plate with both foot spikes and ankle spikes, so that almost all of them can wear footwear if desired. The foot spike goes up into the sole of the mannequin's foot, while the ankle spike goes into the back of the shin a little below the knee, this means that you can put shoes, sandals and not too long boots on your mannequin from us.
Cheap mannequins for photography

One of our major areas of expertise is photo mannequins, a mannequin that has been specially developed and optimized to be dressed and photographed. The images are used in fashion magazines, magazines, webshops, special offers and a number of other places. You know them for sure, you see the clothes just like on an "invisible" body, you only see the clothes and nothing else.

Around these "invisible" mannequins, we can offer you a number of different models, from the completely cheap mannequin to the super professional Ghost models for photographing clothes.

We have the market's largest selection of photo mannequin dolls that you can buy online. It concerns the completely cheap mannequin without a head and with a photo-dead white surface so that the flash is not reflected. The neck of the cheap mannequin is sawed off to be able to get the back of the clothes and the tag on the neck in the picture in one snap in one and the same picture, so you save time on photo editing. Call us and get the basic cheats on photographing clothes on a mannequin, they are absolutely free.

Images of clothes on our completely straight and off-white photo mannequin can be easily cropped, so there is very little extraneous to cut away in the image processing. You can also choose the super professional version, the Ghost mannequin, which can be adjusted in all sorts of ways, making clothing photography infinitely easier and faster. We supply mannequins for photography both as men, as ladies and as children of all ages.
Our mannequins

We aim to stock a very large range of mannequins so that we can deliver to you quickly, including special models such as articulated or shaped mannequins. So if you need a rider, a Formula 1 driver or a mountain climber, a cyclist, you will also find one with us. We aim to deliver with a day's notice, we are notorious for delivering quickly and it doesn't cost extra.

In general, at ManneQ.eu you will find mannequins in several different design lines or series online. Our dolls are offered together in over 700 different color and surface combinations. Any mannequin from us