XL mannequins

XL Women's mannequins & XL Men's mannequins - Plus size mannequins also for photos

If you are looking for an XL mannequin, you have come to the right place. Here you will find XL and XXL mannequins, in other words mannequin dolls in women's and men's models in plus size size. At the same time, we are proud to be able to present, together with the large mannequins, a large selection of jeans in the large sizes, just as we also stock clothes hangers for the very large ones.

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About XL, XXL and XXXL size mannequins

XL mannequins or plus size mannequins are terms that have emerged here within the last decade and we are proud to provide our part of it.

XL mannequins are almost a novelty

In the 90s and 00s, mannequin manufacturers certainly did not focus on XL mannequins They fought with all other mannequin providers about producing bodies, especially the female ones, with a super-narrow waist that no living woman could live up to. For a while it was all about pure Twiggy copies. Fortunately, we have become much wiser since then, so slimness is OK, but XL or XXL is in no way unhealthy.

If you don't wear clothes in large sizes, it goes without saying that you shouldn't buy an XL mannequin with us, but if you sell clothes in the larger sizes, we can only recommend that you look at the XL mannequins that you can order on this page.

It is the size of your customers that is decisive

Forget the ideals of beauty, focus on the street your business is located in. Who lives there, who are your customers, who would you like to have as customers? Since many of your customers cannot cope with the strictest beauty ideals, it can be smart to also show clothes that suit ordinary people.

It is no shame to signal that here you can also get roomy shirts, trousers , blouses, etc.