Women's wigs

Wigs are the finishing touch to your mannequins, and they help you present your goods even better. Here you will find a wide and varied selection of wigs. All our wigs follow the trends of the time and can be styled. You can use them for many different mannequins.

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With us you get a wide and versatile selection of women's wigs for mannequins. We continuously follow the trends of the time and therefore have everything from lighter curls to completely smooth wigs. This means that you can choose between many different styles, lengths and hair colours. You can easily style the wigs yourself, for example. by putting your hair up and you can also use hairspray. Even if the hair on the wigs is very fine and naturalistic, on the other hand, you cannot use hair dryers, flat irons or other warm products on the wigs.

The wigs are good for both naturalistic and abstract mannequins.