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Wig heads / Flamingo heads

Wig heads, flamingo heads and mannequin heads - in plastic, flamingo, glass and metal

We have flamingo heads and mannequin heads both with and without faces to display hats, wigs, hats, jewelry, etc. If you are going to display headwear and jewelry in your store, it is important to have some nice mannequin heads or flamingo heads. We have one of Denmark's largest selections, and deliver from day to day.

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Mannequin heads and flamingo heads

Here you can read more about the individual mannequin, wig head, glass head or flamingo head.

The head or the face is the first thing we focus on, when we see another person or pass a display window or enter a shop.

Therefore, a mannequin flamingo head is very or extremely effective for displaying or exhibiting a relevant product. It can be many different things, but let's highlight just a few of the many options.

It can be a hat, therefore a mannequin flamingo head is often referred to as a hat head or wig head, which is very unusual, just because the mannequin head was used to display or put on wigs.

We know all the wigs way back in time, the European courts, the English courts just to name a few, we all know about the use of wigs or wig heads.

A mannequin head in the window catches the passerby's eye, just as it catches the customer's eye, when he/she is inside the store, so use the head, both your "own" and especially ours on the webshop, to get the customer's focus on, for example, your hats, caps, helmets, headbands, glasses, sunglasses, headphones, scarves and much more that you want to sell.

Many flamingo head models to choose from

Our range includes everything from the completely cheap flamingo heads to mannequin heads in glass, i.e. a head in glass. Please note that although it may be tempting, a trip in the dishwasher is too hard for our glass heads, so it's a "no go"

We have delivered a great many glass heads to Radio-TV- chains, who use them primarily for their headphones.

You see our flamingo heads everywhere, most often as white hat heads or white wig heads. They are produced in polystyrene or what was called flamingo in the old days, so you can cut them, you can drill them, you can paint them.

If you want your flamingo face painted black or in a the other color is fine, but you must only use water-based paint, so forget all about spray cans, it's a brush and that's it.

We have included a video about the man's head, which might inspire you to get et mersalg.

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All around our webshop you will find small videos of the various products, watch them and be inspired. We have some new mannequin heads on the way to our webshop, so are you looking for a special head, which currently If you are not on our site, please contact us. We have it or can get it.

Questions about mannequin head or flaming head?

If you need a very large number, 20 or more, we are happy to make a very good fixed price offer for you.

ManneQ.com has a number of new mannequin heads on their way to our webshop, so if you are looking for a special head, contact us and we will find it for you.