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Descaler for tøjsteamers / Tøjsteamers ✅✅✅ - For your clothes steamer to last for many years, you must remember to descale it regularly. This applies to both the small; hand-held clothes steamers and for the professional clothes steamers. Here you can order descaler for your steamer.

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Keep your clothes steamer free of scale

Steam your clothes efficiently and safely month after month, year after year

Rydlyme descaler is the best and cheapest descaling agent suitable for maintenance of pressure chambers in steamers for clothes.

Rydlyme steamer descaler is also a cheap descaler, it is very easy to use and completely non-toxic. You can pour it directly into the sink, down the drain or wherever after use.

A mixture of plain water and descaler usually clears or loosens all limescale and other dirt in your clothes steamer, let it work for a few hours and remember to rinse well, at least 2 times before starting your steamer again.

You must never heat or use Rydlyme if the steamer is hot, Rydlyme descaling works best at room temperature.

p>We know it's tempting and quick to descale a coffee machine or something else by turning on the turbo when turning on the switch, but if you do that on one of our professional steamers, it means that the warranty is void.

< p>Our descaler is super efficient and maximally environmentally friendly.

Basic rules of descaling

Remember to descale your clothes steamer regularly, so it will last for many, many years.

Screw remove the hose with steamer head.

Remove the water container.

Unscrew the bottom plug, drain the water. If no water comes out, even though there is water on the can, then there is something wrong with the can or the tap on the can. The water must be able to run from the can and into the steamer.

If there is dirt or anything else, remove it carefully with a chopstick or similar, no knives, scissors or metal knitting needles, por favor!< /p>

Screw the bottom screw in, empty the water tank and pour in some water with e.g. Rydlyme descaler, put it on, watch the water with the descaler disappear into the steamer, shake it back and forth a little and let the descaling begin and continue for at least a couple of hours. Feel free to shake in between.

After a few hours, empty the container of water and descale. If the water is very cloudy, give it another go, not for Prince Knud's sake, but for your sake, although we'd love to sell you a new one!