Gift bags

Gift bags

Gift bags in paper and plastic. Here you will find the largest selection of gift bags for gift wrapping and which can save you time and costs in the store. Gift bags in many sizes and qualities, with or without handle. We have gift bags with a bottom, gift bags for ties, gift bags for wine and many other types. The many different bags provide just as many closing methods, such as e.g. gift bags that can be closed with gift ribbons, or drawstring closures, or gift bags that can be closed with glue at the top.

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Gift bags with handle

If you have some nice products, it naturally also means that the packaging and delivery is done in a nice and elegant way. The whole buying experience is just a notch more complete if you deliver the gift in e.g. gift bags with handle. With a nice gift bag with a handle, you present your goods, products or gifts in a nice and complete way, which makes the customer or recipient feel extra valued. The gift bag can also be wrapped in a gift bag with a nice string or perhaps a gift bow as the end.

Gift bags for weddings

If you are having a wedding and want to do something special for the guests, gift bags can be an excellent idea to make the party an unforgettable day. The gift bags for your guests can, for example, contain small personal gifts for each individual guest. It could, for example, be pictures of you, as well as a personal message to the guest in question, it goes straight to the heart and creates an absolutely fantastic atmosphere among your guests.

Gift bags for confirmation

If you need gift bags or gift boxes for confirmation, then you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of both gift bags, gift boxes and other packaging for special occasions.

Cash gifts for confirmation naturally require nice packaging. It can, for example, be one of our beautiful gift bags or cellophane bags. After all, you can personalize the gift bag so that the confirmand gets the feeling that the package has been made personally for him/her. Should the confirmand have a physically smaller gift such as a watch or jewellery, which many confirmands want at the moment, the gift bags give a simple and exclusive look.

Gift bags for jewellery

Gift boxes or gift bags for jewelery are an all-time favorite cheap solution for jewelry stores and the like. If you have customers who buy jewellery, it is extra important that the packaging of the jewelery is top notch. For that purpose, we have a large selection of both gift bags and gift boxes. We have gift bags and boxes in many different colours, and in transparent cellophane, organza bags with drawstring closures, and many other types of bags and boxes for jewellery.

Gift bags for birthdays

For birthdays is it a really good idea to wrap the gift in gift paper, a gift bag or a gift box. It is both easy and cheap, and many of the bags can also be reused year after year if necessary.

Gift bags in cellophane for birthdays can be used as candy bags or other small gifts for the children who are invited to the birthday party. The children can thus get a bag on arrival, or they can get a small gift bag home when they are picked up by their parents.

Large and small gift bags

We have one of Denmark's largest selections of gift bags and gift boxes, in many different colours, sizes, quality and materials. We have large gift bags, small gift bags, cute gift boxes. If you want to send an exclusive signal with your goods, we can recommend our paper gift bags, which are very popular for shops, rather than plastic gift bags. We have the classic gift bags with a handle, gift bags without a handle, and bags with a fixed bottom. We can pretty much deliver the gift bag you need.

Gift bags as easy wrapping

Depending on what you need in your gift bags, it is obvious to use instead of wrapping paper. Gift bags with handles are super practical for hostess gifts, goodie bags and the like. If you are giving wine as a gift, use the tall, narrow gift bag, if you are giving chocolate, we can recommend the wide, low type, which makes it look much more exclusive.

Cheap Gift Bags

< p>We have gift bags as low as NOK 0.15 per item. and we have one of Denmark's largest selection of colored gift bags. We have cheap gift bags in paper, cellophane, foil and organza bags. The bags are available with a drawstring closure, self-adhesive closure or with a tape closure. With the many different gift bags, it can be difficult to choose which ones best suit your business or purpose. If you are in doubt about which cheap gift bags are the right ones, give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the right cheap gift bags for you and your business.

Save time with gift bags

All our gift bags are of good quality, so that your or the customer's gift is protected in the best possible way. The gift bags or gift boxes are quick to pack and close, and you can therefore save an incredible amount of time at the checkout compared to standing and wrapping the goods for the customer. In addition, our gift bags or gift boxes can be used for many other occasions, such as employee gifts, gifts for business partners, weddings, birthdays, confirmations and similar occasions.

Gift bags with and without window!

Gift bags are a special type of carrier bag made of strong paper, often water-resistant so the contents are not damaged by a few drops of rainwater on the way home.

Gift bags without window

Here you order exclusive gift bags in kraft paper, and you can order them in different sizes to suit the goods you sell. These bags are suitable for when the customer buys perfume, jewelery or elegant underwear. If the customer buys several different items, you simply place them in gift bags of suitable sizes. Supplemented with gift ribbon or perhaps a decorative star, you can make elegant wrapping of the gifts in record time. It couldn't be easier.

Gift bags with window

Another type of gift bags is designed more like carrier bags, but with the added refinement that a transparent plastic window has been inserted into it one side of the bag, so you can directly see what the gift bag contains. It is a smart detail for a quick reception gift, for anniversaries and the like. Here you can also supplement with gift ribbons and make a presentable gift in no time.

You can of course also find gift ribbons and decorative stars in our webshop - see more under Gift wrapping.