Fitting rooms

Here you will find both complete testing rooms, visitation rooms and various accessories for testing rooms. Sample rooms can be mounted on a wall or in a corner. You can order fitting rooms with white and black curtains. Visitation rooms are our own 'invention', namely mobile examination rooms that can accommodate up to 3-4 people, which can be relevant when searching people. Visitation rooms have been developed at the request of the Danish courts. Finally, you can order various accessories for fitting rooms, such as chairs, mirrors and facial bags.

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Trying rooms and store fittings with fitting rooms

Which type of fitting room you should have in your store depends on the type, size and layout of your store.

We can supply fixed fitting rooms, free-hanging, 2-, 3- and 4-sided test rooms, curtains for test rooms and large rolling visitation rooms.

Cheap test rooms

Our cheap test rooms are 1 m x 1 m and are intended for either to sit or hang on a straight wall or in a corner where 2 walls meet. These cheap fitting rooms come with both a 150x50 cm mirror and a pendant in shiny chrome, which the customer can use to hang bags and clothes on, so you get a lot for the price.

The fitting rooms consist of a strong, angled or U-shaped curtain rod, which is fitted into the wall and supported by a wire from the ceiling. Two or 3 curtains are put on the curtain rod, the mirror is put up on the wall and voila, you have a finished and cheap fitting room, ready to receive the first customers.

For these fitting rooms, you just need to choose a color for the curtains, which can be either white or black.

Trying rooms with fixed walls

In our other range of cheap fitting rooms, we also have a series of fitting rooms with 1-3 fixed walls and only a fitting room curtain. Here you decide whether your test room should have

  • 1 fixed plate, if the test room is to be placed in a corner of the room
  • 2 fixed walls, so that it can be placed against a straight wall
  • 3 solid walls so that it can stand freely in the room.

We call these cheap fitting rooms Flex fitting rooms. 'Flex' because they work fine on their own, but you can choose to put 2, 3 or more together to get a whole range of fitting rooms.

Flex fitting rooms only come with black fitting room curtains. We can supply the fixed sides in 4 different colours, namely white, black, gray and maple or wood colour.
The frame is in titanium.

Please note that for these cheap test rooms, the Flex series, neither a mirror nor a pendant are supplied. These must be ordered separately and you will find them under Sample room accessories.

Fixed sample rooms

If your shop is into the raw expression, Water Pipe or sample room frames in strong raw water pipes may be just the thing. There are two models to choose from: a cheap trial room in a corner and a trial room frame for a straight wall. Sample room curtains are supplied in black strong fabric with large hollow rings in aluminium. You will need 2 trial room curtains for the corner model and three trial room curtains for the frame for mounting on a straight wall.

Mobile trial room, Visitation room

We have developed the mobile trial room, the visitation room, for Copenhagen's courts. It consists of 1-4 free-standing fabric walls, what in the old days were called screen walls. The walls can be freely pushed together in a triangle or a square, or two walls can be placed in a corner, where they form a large room which can easily accommodate 3 people, the person to be searched, the person doing the search and an inspector who makes sure everything goes right.

The screen walls in the visitation room are made of a black lacquered frame and with black curtains that CANNOT be seen through. Each screen wall has 4 wheels, two of which have brakes, so that the visitation room can both stand still and be moved around as needed.

Trying rooms for stores