About us

Since the company's start in 2004, it has been our goal to be able to deliver everything in shop fittings quickly and not least cheaply and to give you a large and wide range of quality shop fittings to choose from, so with us you are absolutely sure to find the shop fittings you are looking for.

Our goals are:

That we answer the phone when you call Monday to Friday 10:00-15:00
Fast and accurate delivery to you
We are honest
Cheap prices, lots of store fixtures to choose from
You get the best offers by signing up for our newsletter
Everyone can buy our professional products – even many private stores with us

We treat your information strictly confidential, do not sell your email address, phone number or anything else.

Email correspondence

ManneQ.eu only sends newsletters to registered newsletter recipients. You can unsubscribe from receiving further newsletters at any time. However, ManneQ.eu reserves the right to email about product news in relation to previous purchases, as well as specially selected good offers. ManneQ.eu sends out a maximum of 1-4 newsletters per quarter. The system we use is called Klaviyo, with which we send all our newsletters