Sales tables

Sales tables, display tables, deposit tables, market tables - everything in shop tables

Here you will find some of the most basic shop furniture: Sales tables for furnishing your shop, also called display tables - and deposit tables, if the shop tables can be put together . Choose between small, large, low and high sales tables. We have series of tables in different sizes and tables in series with clothes racks and shelves. Look around and choose your sales tables here.

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More about sales tables and presentation tables

A sales table is a table, often a lower table than e.g. a dining table. It is used to present business goods, in a clothing store it could be shirts, blouses, t-shirts, jeans. The reason why the table top is lower is that the customers can better see the range of goods or the goods on display and then you sell better.

We can proudly present a large number of different display tables, a really nice selection of sales tables, let's start with the sets, i.e. where the sales table does not consist of one sales table, but usually two sales tables at different heights, so that the product range is presented on two or more floors or levels, which makes it exciting for the viewer or customer to look at and thus often sells better .

Our first offer is no less than three different presentation tables, all in white melamine, so you can make a combination of the three in increasing or decreasing sizes if you want, but you can also make a kind of bridge with one high, two smaller ones on each side of finish with two of the  smaller ones at each end, there are many possibilities. When they are not to be used in the exhibition, they can be packed under each other and therefore take up minimal space in the warehouse or in the basement.

Our second offer is a highly sold presentation table or rather presentation tables, the individual sales tables can be purchased individually Separately or together, our clear recommendation is to buy them both together and leave the small sales table 5-10 centimeters inside the slightly larger sales table, then it works!

The frame is in aluminum and the glass plates are in tempered glass, if a customer knocks it over or falls into it or otherwise collides with the glass plates, nothing happens except in the worst case scenario that the plate shatters into millions of pieces, just like a car window.

Our next offer is the Luton series, where you as a customer can choose between a table with two floors in 80 centimeters width and either 80 or 160 centimeters long with table tops in frosted glass or clear glass or in melamine in white, gray or light wood colour. The Luton series sales tables can also be supplied with wheels, so they can be rolled in and out of the shop, this actually applies to most of our sales tables. The glass plates are not hardened, but are so thick and strong in quality that nothing happens to them even under extreme stress. The frames of the display tables in the Luton series are in titanium.

If you are looking for display tables with a frame in glossy chrome or the beautiful surface, satin chrome, you should take a closer look at the next two offers for sales tables, again as a set with two display tables, which can go into each other or are intended to display goods together.

Then we present a classic within cheap sales tables, namely the two sizes of sales tables from the MAPLE series, namely one with an 80 centimeter waist and a in double length, both with lower shelf for double product presentation. The two models in the Maple series do not fit together, so there is nothing in terms of design to suggest that a sales effect can be achieved by placing two together, but many stores actually have two or three sales tables in the Maple series, just placed in different places in the store.

A set of wheels can be purchased for each presentation table in the Maple series, so that it can be rolled and transformed into rolling tables

We are proud to also be able to offer our customers an aluminum table, a collapsible sales table or an inexpensive market table , which takes up nothing and weighs nothing, it doesn't fit, but takes up very little space and weighs almost nothing, so it's a table tennis table that's easy to take with you.

A bit in the same ballpark is ours again completely collapsible market table or sales table or plastic table, as the table top is made of strong plastic, it is so practically produced that when folded, a carrying handle appears, so the market table or sales table turns into a kind of narrow suitcase-like object with a carrying handle, super practical. It doesn't have wheels, but it's not that heavy either.

If you like a raw look, we can offer you sales tables, again with the option of a plug-in table, i.e. a large and a small sales table, with the frame in Iron Pipe, and it's black, mega black.

Or if we're over in the water pipe department, i.e. galvanized water pipes, then the Water Pipe table frame is an obvious option. You will find the table top to be a door, some pallets or a raw concrete slab as a table top on your presentation table.