Glass display cases, Glass cabinets

Glas vitriner

Glass display cases such as floor display cases, table display cases, glass counters, shop counters with display top etc.

Here you can find showcases, also called display cabinets or glass cabinets for furnishing your shop, your office or your home. The showcases are delivered in several models, including with lock, with/without light and with/without wheels, cheap showcases and the more exclusive ones. Choose between floor display cases, table display cases and wall-mounted display cabinets for your business.

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Find your next big and beautiful showcase here

When you want to display expensive goods in your business, it is of course an advantage that you can do it safely, without prying fingers being able to mess with them, or the long-fingered ones run with them.

For this, you can advantageously choose to exhibit your goods in a display case, also called a glass cabinet.

Not only can you choose a glass cabinet with a lock, but all our glass cabinets are made of tempered glass, which can easily withstand even heavy impacts. Should it finally happen that sufficient violence is exercised, there will be no dangerous shards of glass to worry about, the hardened glass cabinet almost pulverizes, in the same way as car windows involved in an accident

On this page you can you order your next glass cabinet for your business. Look at the different models, there is sure to be a cheap glass cabinet that fits perfectly with what you have in mind.

You will see that we supply both cheap display cases and more exclusive models, so that is something for every budget.

Vitrines with and without lights and wheels

You will quickly notice that several vitrines are available in series with both narrow and wide models. Depending on your premises and the space in the store, it can be smart to choose showcases or glass cabinets in different sizes. If you then choose a glass cabinet with wheels, you have all the options to place them according to your needs and wishes!

You will also see that several showcases, many of our showcases, have built-in lights, which highlights the displayed goods even better.

It is conceivable that you do not want one of the tall showcases in your store, but then you can simply go for some of the lower models. They have the same advantages as the large glass cabinets.

If the display case that you have thrown your love onto should not be equipped with a lock on the sliding doors, you can purchase an additional roof lock for the purpose, or you can at least choose to mount an alarm on the doors. You will also find it here on the pages. The alarm can of course be used on all types of showcases or glass cabinets.

The showcases that we offer on these pages will make your business even more beautiful - and more exclusive in its look!

If you, on the other hand, are looking for the best way to display your private collection of dolls, model cars, trophies or anything else that you would like to display and enjoy yourself without having to dust them all the time, then you can easily find both suitable and cheap showcases here.

Look around and choose your next showcase at, we look forward to hearing from you or from you