ReadyWise is a leading quality brand in food for emergency situations, so-called "prepper food". Whether you're a seasoned prepper or just starting your journey, ReadyWise has food to fit your needs. Their products are designed for disaster preparedness and have a long-term shelf life.

Easy to prepare - Just add water
ReadyWise's ready-to-eat foods for long-term storage are easy to prepare; just add hot water, wait 12 to 15 minutes and you will enjoy nutritious, tasty meals.

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High quality, nutrition and taste:< u1:p>

ReadyWise emergency food supplies provide high-quality meals that are nutritious and tasty.< u1:p>

Meals are carefully formulated to ensure long shelf life and maintain their nutritional value.

ReadyWise meals are a reliable source of energy, with several different meals providing over 1,800 calories per day and more than 40g of protein per day.

The company also prioritizes taste and understands the importance of providing satisfying and delicious meals, especially under challenging conditions.

Easy to prepare - just add water:

Traditional breakfasts and entrees can be time-consuming to prepare.

ReadyWise's ready-made, shelf-stable foods are easy to prepare; just add hot water, wait 12-15 minutes and you can enjoy nutritious and tasty meals.

The outdoor products are even lighter; add hot water directly to the resealable bag, stir, and seal the Ziploc bag. Wait 10-12 minutes and you have a delicious, hot outdoor meal.

Up to 25 years shelf life:

ReadyWise emergency food products provide peace of mind by offering up to 25 years of shelf life, demonstrating their commitment to preparedness and reliability.